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An open letter: Why is there no more TyIFF?

Dear Filmmakers and friends of the TyIFF!

In the last 5 years we had a lot of fun making the Tyrolean Independent Film Festival, watching your submissions (over 1.000 films have been watched), meeting new people (over 3.000 people attended our events), creating cool events (like the "Summer Screening in the Park", and working our asses off to bring independent spirit to the Alps.

In the last 5 years we didn't have much fun financing our festival. In order to fund a festival of this size in Austria you need the support of the local government, especially the cultural departments. Otherwise you cannot pay the people who work for you due to our welfare system. Sadly the Cultural Department of the city of Innsbruck and the Cultural Department of the state of Tyrol didn't support us at all and are not willing to support us in the future. They think that a film festival like ours "is not needed in Innsbruck" and that "new [sic!] festivals will not be supported".

So we made a decision:
In this local political climate of lack of appreciation we will not do another festival.

We don't have a grudge against the cultural departments, we just wanted you to know why we made our decision and we wanted to be transparent, like we always were.

So, finally: A BIG, BIG THANK YOU to you, the filmmakers, the partnerfestivals, and the supporters, for 5 wonderful years and great experiences. We loved and enjoyed the time, we are richer in experience now, and we hope to be able to watch your future films at other festivals.
Be assured: We won't stop being indie filmmakers or indie film watchers.

All the best
Michael & the TyIFF team 2011-2015

In tradition of transparency: We have 230 Euros left – yes, without any cultural department support we still accounted for a positive.
In tradition of our last festival’s spotlights: This money will be donated to the local animal welfare society and a local women's aid organization (Frauen aller Länder).

Awards, venues and festival locations

The festival will take place in the famous Metropol Movie Theater. There will be various venues for dining, drinking, networking or other art experiences in the area around the movie theatre. There are several partner bars and pubs like "Taminda ModeCafé", "Innside Pub" and "the early bird".

Take a look at our cool cow bell awards...

Statement of our festival directors

The Tyrolean Independent Filmfestival is already an important film festival for independent filmmakers. It's a truly independent film festival with a "Sundance character" in the heart of the European Alps, the alpine-urban city of Innsbruck, Austria. The TyIFF was founded to celebrate entertaning films – short, long, animated, fiction and documentary. We want to introduce a unique and diversified spectrum of international movies to our audience.

That's why we're looking for high-quality movies between art house and hollywood block busters, entertaining movies that have the potential to enlighten international audiences and present inspired entertainment for all ages.

It’s not the budget that matters for us, it’s the creativity of the filmmakers, actors, writers, editors, cinematographers. It’s not about who you know in the industry, it’s about talent. Our mandate is to present the most outstanding films produced in every part of the world and to support local filmmakers to reach international audiences.

The Tyrolean Independent Film Festival in and around Innsbruck, Tyrol is organized and executed by experienced professionals. The goal of the Tyrolean Independent Film Festival is to bring exposure to Independent Filmmakers, allowing screenings for the public, industry professionals, and press. Every other year we're inviting industry professionals, financers and sponsors, to give the filmmakers a chance for networking and talking to friends.

Great movies in a modern alpine city, that's the Tyrolean Independent Film Festival.

All Movies are watched, decisions are made because of the talent we see, not because of the budget or the filmmakers industry-contacts.

We love movies, respect filmmakers, and we give good movies and talented filmmakers a chance to present themselves to the public.





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